I whipped up this cute little sweater dress for my monster high dolls the other day, and I am seriously thinking about writing up a proper pattern. If anyone would be interested, let me know!

My best friend needed a winter hat, so I used one of my favorite patterns with a few modifications and a tapestry crochet design addition to make her this hat. It is so sparkley and full of sequins, the pictures don’t do it justice.

I made this little sweater for my cousin out of some lovely James C. Brett Baby DK marble not too long ago. It’s super soft and the colors are so nice in the sunlight! I’m really proud of how my first ‘real garment’ came out! It’s a slightly modified version of the Ellie pattern on ravelry.

(via Birthday CUPCAKES - a free lalylala crochet pattern)

Look at these sweet little cake amigarumi with their tiny red berries! Precious!


oh i am gonna embarrass the shit outta my grandkids

Progress on my child’s sweater! :3



It’s 2:00am and I have finally finished the shawl that I have been working on to wear to Easter breakfast. Which is at 10:00am.

That’s cool. I just thought this was a table wearing underwear.


This is so pretty! Free pattern (in English) via the Norwegian blog Carina’s Blog